Australia Day 2014

Here we are again, celebrating the day when the first permanent european settlement began marking the start of the greatest land theft this continent has ever seen.
It has been a sad and depressing year and things just keep on getting worse for the resulting country called Australia.
For starters, as if what we were already doing was not despicable enough, our descent into international pariahdom got a good boost from out government and military by the towing of refugees back to Indonesia. I do hope we are taken to the appropriate international court and treated very severely. Also I read that 60% of my fellow country men think that this was not harsh enough. I’m not sure what they think should be done. Maybe the navy could sink the boats and let those there drown? I hate that 60% of the populace. I also wonder why the military follows orders in this case. Is breaking international laws less important than following orders? Maybe you can’t expect more drone those deliberately armed with the tools of death and destruction.
There are also many other backward steps we are taking, where money and greed are being put ahead of nature Nd our environment.
In the north I hear bits, though I have not been paying much attention, about a government bent on ignoring its own laws. This has been getting worse for some time. A lot of the recent back sliding has been in relation to governments not wanting to follow their own laws or international obligations. This is a decent into evil and we have seen the consequences on other countries at other times. It shows a fundamental flaw in the way that our governing bodies are structured. We really need to separate the makers of the law from those who implement them and who do the daily governing of the country.


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