The dogs

Since we have moved in we had had a series of problems with the dogs. Mostly the big dogs. We had a dog run built. But there was a long shake down period as the dogs escaped from various places and we worked out where the places were and patched them. Mostly they have escaped under the fence. In the end the best discovery method turns out to be to put dusty on a long lead. Dusty would then escape, but the lead would prevent her from going far and by following it we could see the escape point.

The fence to number 73 has also been a problem. It is just a poorly built sheep fence at the back and the dogs just under the wire. No fighting required. Al from number 73 has complained a few times. But Kirsten keeps on letting them run in the back yard because she can’t find the time to walk them. Al said he would complain to the council and the other day we had a visit from the ranger as a result of a complaint, so I guess it was Al who complained. We will have to replace this fence with something more substantive. Though Al in making this ridiculous claim that the dogs have damaged the current fence.

The. Brutus hurt himself. He had been getting over the front fence and we fixed that. But he found a way over one of the side fences at the front. We were unaware of this escape route. As a small dog and lady were walking on the other side of the road Brutus jumped the fence and ran across the road. Unfortunately there was a car and it hit Brutus. He has now cost us several thousands of dollars in dog hospital fees and we have cancelled our proposed visit to Bali to see the girls grandmother.


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