Blood Moon

I think I first heard of it on twitter. After looking at the excellent Wikipedia page on the topic, it was clear we would see the second half. The moon was scheduled to rise just on sunset.

I couldn’t find all my camera gear. Most importantly the battery. Seems it got misplaced in the move. So I only have iPhone photos.

Martine had been taking to Kirsten. We arranged to meet at the park at the end of ridge road in Kallista. It has good panoramic views to the east.

Kirsten dropped the girls off at home after going to the movies and after completing some urgent things for work, we headed on up to ridge road.

Where we were looking from the fence was barbed wire with two strands of electric fence wire. So it was time to teach the girls the importance how to recognise and not to touch electric fences. They were already familiar with barbed wire.

We had a bit if a play and I used my planets app to work out where the moon was rising.

We waited quite a while. There was cloud and mountains on the horizon. It was still a little light and the moon was at its darkest.

It was quite high up when we could first see it as a faint disk. Slowly it moved, brightened and the sun went down on the opposite horizon.


Kirsten popped by for a brief visit in her busy Tuesday schedule.

We did not stay until the moon was fully bright. Dinner beckoned and the girls went off to have a play at Sam’s.

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