Is Monbulk part of Melbourne

We have discussed this a few times. Kirsten thinks we are a suburb of Melbourne. I think we are a country town.

Looking at the various different definitions, the whole of the Yarra ranges is part of metropolitan Melbourne. So much for the senselessness of using LGAs to define the place. But we are outside the metropolitan taxi zone.

But I have some other yardsticks. There is a business called Monbulk Rural and Produce stores and farm machinery servicing and repair shops. All signs that we are in the country and not in a suburb.

In our post box we get junk mail for things like spreaders, sprayers and high flow diesel pumps. Not very suburban either.

When we “go into town” we go to the local shops. We don’t go to the Melbourne CBD.

This is my argument for Monbulk being a country town outside the metropolis.



  1. Give it a few years Brian, and Kirsten will be 100% right ;-), every place to the west of you (Lilydale, Montrose, Belgrave South, Ferntree Gully, Narre Warren, Berwick) are all definitely suburbs. Only Mt Dandenong stands in the way.
    Those Green Few – A LARP tournament for 3000 players to be held at Arcanacon East 2020
    Already invading feelers of the evil megalopolis reach towards the brave rural defenders of Monbulk, armed only with spreaders, sprayers and high flow diesel pumps will they be able to hold back the ravening hordes at Mt Dandenong?

    1. Yes I guess one day we will be annexed into Melbourne. But we have mighty defences.
      As you rightly point out, to the west we have the Corhanwarrabul range with its peak mount Dandenong. Our army of foreign and local tourist mercenaries is always replenished to defend.
      On the left flank is the sherbrooke forest. Whilst we can’t rely on Robin Hood and his merry men, the wild deer run rampant and would gouge and miscreant LARPS foolhardy enough to try that route.
      Facing the south we have the main ridge defence of Kallista. Where a dearth of roads and steep sides protect. And past that the mighty Cardinia reservoir. The powerful Yarra Valley Water will prevent a water bourn attack from there.
      On the right flank we have the sylvan reservoir. Again the powerful Yarra Valley Water will prevent water bourn attacks.
      Our weak point is the rear, to the east. The obvious lines of attack would be through Silvan and Seville from the current urban edge at Mt. Ev. I suspect this would be easier than an assault from Emerald. But the planners seem to prefer the Emerald route. But to get to Emerald they would have to strike that place eastwards from Belgrave or northwards from Berwick.
      If Macclesfield fell to urbanity then I would guess our mighty defenders would thrown down their sprayers and slashers and accept the inevitable fall and attempt to escape the encirclement.

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