folding and boxing

Folding and boxing
unfolded, no seat

Folding and boxing

Well, on Tuesday I take the trike to Silverwater to put on a truck to go to Queensland to start the Cycle Queensland Tour. So I had to check that I can fold it. It took about 4 attempts with going back up stairs to 1st time) read the manual 2nd time) watch an online video 3rd time) visit the greenspeed site 4th time) watch another you tube video. But in the end my patience paid off as I finally realised that to unlock the hinge I needed to not only rotate the lock, but slide it sideways as well. I think it is a very clever design and quite safe and fool proof. So I got the trike folded. Then I realised that the cardboard I had was did not go as far as I thought, so I ended up using two boxes. Still I think it is a good plan. The trike will be now to ride to Silverwater with the box on the back of the trike. Then in Silverwater I will pack the trike in the box. mmm…

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