CQ09 Ride #1 Marrickville to Silverwater

With boxes, bound for Queensland...

With boxes, bound for Queensland...

Well, the ride has not started yet, but I needed to take the trike to the couriers to be trucked to Toowoomba for Cycle Queensland 2009. Last night, I set up the boxes for the shipping and today I packed them, with the bubble wrap, onto the trike.

I headed out, first on the L10. But I missed the turn onto the L11. I did not see a sign. So I ended up at Canterbury Road. This was only a small detour. I headed back up the Hawthorn Canal, which I had ridden last Sunday, and then headed along the signed roads to Home Bush Bay. Here I picked up the good old Cooks River Trail for a few km, before cutting through Olympic Park. In Olympic Park, I met another rider of a GT3. He said he had been riding for three years. He was disabled and could not speak clearly and had a leg brace. I needed his carer to explain what he was saying. I then followed the trail along the M5 for a way. The crossing at Silverwater Road hasĀ  a pedestrian island that is too small for the trike and I have to get off and lower it over the gutter.


I found ABC couriers easily. Went in and met the man who is collecting the bikes to be shipped to Queensland. He was very helpful. He said that he sees someone riding another recumbent to work each day. He gave me some tape and assisted me put my box together. I did not end up including the panniers with the trike. I also discovered that I cannot put the seat bolt back on the trike after the seat is removed. This is a design flaw. So the bolt is in my tool kit and I have to remember to take it to Queensland in my luggage or there will be problems.

Progress: 24.4 km.

CQ09 Ride #1 Marrickville to Silverwater

Man: you said he didn’t have to worry about this.

Upset woman: they have to admit that they thought this.

Man1: that’s what they thought! You end up down by the river! Man2: yes the arseholes did!

Man: they said he wanted this part because they did

Woman: that’s one dream too many.

Man: ok! The police thoght that!

Several people talking of slaves.

Man: we can’t believe that they thoght he was like this and like that!

Man: it was a turf war!

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