Sherbrooke Community School Open Day

I took the day off and headed off with Krysta a bit early to visit Mitre 10 to pick up some briquettes. When we were getting them the man said that they would cease production of the things at the end of the year. However, I could not find anything on this on the internet.

Arriving at the school I left Krysta with her friends and attended morning meeting. I then set up the BBQ near the front of the school and started up suppling warm chestnuts. I was directing those who arrived up to the office and for a while texting the office that new arrivals were on their way.

There were quite a lot more parents and families comming through in the morning. I was told it was a better number of people than last year. It seems our advertising at the Kallista market and chestnut festival was a good thing.


The chestnuts went well, though some people didn’t want them as they had their own chestnut trees. My supplies were low as there were pretty much no chestnuts left on the school grounds, just empty spiky husks.

The parents went up and either current parents or current students took them around to show them the school.

At the end of the day I gave the last batch to the kids as they were leaving the school.

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