Chestnut Festival of 2014 May 4

We didn’t unpack the market things from the van. Rather we added a another marquee. In the morning Kirsten headed off to set up.

The girls slept in after the long day before. Both were a bit jaded and just wanted to stay home for the day. Around 10 am I got them fed and out of the house.

We parked in my secret parking location and headed up through the back forest trail into Kalorama Reserve. The first thing we noticed was that someone had stolen the playground. Though it turned out that the council was refurbishing it. Which was a good thing. I expect they girls would want the return of the tea cup.


Also missing were the promised camels. Apparently the weather was unsuitable and they had morphed into ponies to better cope. Neither of the girls were interested in riding ponies.

We arrived at the Sherbrooke Community School tent. It was looking good and everyone was in good spirits. The twins were there again offering wonderful help. Rod the art teacher showed up and took photos. But sadly the other teachers were absent again.


Ever though some of my work colleagues think the Chestnut Festival is all a bit of an artificial attempt to create a local festival and a waste of time; and even though there were showers and little bursts of rain, there was quite a large crowd at the festival. There also seemed to be more stalls and some were spilling outside of the oval.


Krysta was determined to go on the bungee ride. We waited in the queue and just when we got to the front, it rained and they closed the ride. When the next patch of blue sky came by, we again queued and Krysta got her ride. But if was too wet for her to do any tricks. Still she seemed happy.

Teresa was feeling it by the mid afternoon and I took her home. Kirsten and Krysta returned a few hours later.

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