Lucky to be alive

In Praise of Gas Pipe...
chainring transit authority

watch for cyclists

I was reminded of the sign on a bus and the hostile discussion it generated. One of my friends who rides a bike had a near miss when a woman opened a door on a taxi and knocked him off his bike.

Even though I always give taxis a wide berth, this time I cut it a few inches too close and I found myself on my back looking at an oncoming bus. As I was landing about 3 metres(10 feet) in front of the taxi and I saw the Peugeot go flying past me to end up in the middle lane of traffic. Unfortunately, I am not as tough as the Peugeot which survived the crash with nothing more than a scratch or two, while I ended up with a multiple fractures to my left forearm and wrist and was treated at the hospital for suspected internal bleeding.

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