Teresa's fifth birthday

Teresa was quite excited to be having a fifth birthday. Even though she gets presents all the time, the best part of having a birthday is the presents she gets.

The day of her actual birthday was the day that I normally have late meetings. So I did not get home until after 8pm and I missed having dinner with them.

On Saturday, Teresa had her party. We let her invite whoever she wanted. But she only wanted one person: Carla. Carla is her best friend and Teresa said that Carla is shy and would be embarrassed if other were there. Though Carla’s mum did not share this view.

The girls had a great time. We were worried that Krysta might feel left out. We had invited Lilah, but as is was a Jewish holiday, Lilah had to be at the synagogue. It turned out our worries were unfounded.

Teresa and Carla had not had a play date before. They were over the moon. Teresa showed her the back yard.

In the end we had two cakes as Nanna Robyn brought one, but Teresa had also requested a rainbow cake so we made one of those too.


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