The getting of the skip.

The getting of the skip has been quite a saga. It starts back when Holly and her family went to New Zealand at short notice. Her husband showed up with a trailer load of hard garbage. Rather than leave it at our place, they took it to the shed.

Of course, when it came to be time for hard garbage. We were too busy to put it out. So it stayed at the shed.

Meanwhile , stu died unexpectedly and left the whole of his business up in the air. His wife took over. Andrew had to go to India to put shade cloth up over some huge car park.

A day the week before last: Andrew sent a text message from India. They had to be out of the shed by Wednesday.

Kirsten them decided we needed a skip. She organised one from Kalorama Skips. It arrived on Thursday for Monday pickup. One problem was that we had Teresa’s birthday party on the Saturday.

In the end it all worked out well. I did two trips to the shed. One in the Relo for small things and one in the Hyundai for big things. I was able to use the truck loading pier for putting things onto the roof of the Hyundai.

Most of what went into the skip came from our own place and they picked it up on Tuesday. The skip cost $380.


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