50th birthdays and House Warming

I didn’t end up having a party for my 50th mostly because I was in the middle of moving from Marrickville to Kalorama and it was just too hard.

We talked then of having a party when I was 51 and Kirsten 49 as it would be a be century. But that too did not happen.

In the new house I wanted to have a house warming party. But this has been the slowest settling in time I have ever had.

So, when Kirsten’s 50th loomed she agreed to a party and I immediately raced out and invited people using Facebook and we were off and running for the Queens Birthday public holiday.

Kirsten invite some other people by phone and texting and we actually had a paper invite for some of our neighbours.

I took several days off to clean up the house including scrubbing the algae off the deck and Kirsten cancelled some appointments and went from extremely busy to just very busy.

Luckily, the rain which had gone on all week held off on the day of the party. We had a lovely sunny day and it was not as muddy outside and the kids could play in the back yard.

The party went well. We remembered more of the food this time.


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  1. It was a great party, we all enjoyed it very much and it’s a lovely place that you have, especially the garden!

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