CQ09 Getting there

Sydney Airport

Waiting in Brisbane

I walked down to Sydenham station and caught the train to the domestic airport. Luckily it did not rain on me. The train was two stops to Wollli Creek and then two stops to Domestic Airport. About 5 km for the glorious price of $14.60.  At the airport I had to use the new check in for the first time. It was very easy, though it would not scan the code on my print. I was better prepared on the trip back. I forgot I had steel capped shoes and set off the metal detector. The flight up on QF516 was uneventful and felt very short.


On the bus

I had to wait a few hours for the bus. The bus trip was good, over the gateway bridge and then up the Logan Motorway.  The downs hotel was good. I ended up sharing with John from Inverloch as he did not realise that there was no camping on the first night. We had dinner with others from the bus.


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Woman1: I did nothing, now I am in trouble, and there is nothing I can do about it! Woman2: it’s a lifetime sentence.

Woman: i can’t believe that they thought. Vietnam meant that.

Girl: we are not like that you bastards!

Woman1: he said bu you because they tought him that, not bu ya or bu yang Woman2: oh, now I understand.

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