Well I took the day off. Did some cleaning up, purchased some bathroom scales. Hum, I weighed in a 74.9 kg, which is still a bit much. And most of all packed. I have never packed my camping gear into my backpack before. It also contains my panniers and bike stuff. So I had to leave out some of the luxuries of life like the sleeping mat. I’ll see how I cope with that omission. But leaving out the computer saves a lot of weight. I have the camera. Only one lens. The 10-20 mm lens, which is also the lightest and smallest. I’m sure all the dangerous things are in the bag. I’ll top up with heavy things tomorrow, like batteries and sun screen. Hopefully there will be enough time in Toowoomba. Do they have Friday night shopping? I do not know. But there should be a supermarket open somewhere. Anyway, my main bag is 15.4 kg, which is less than I expected, but more than the normal 9 I would expect when travelling, but my backpack is only 4.5 kg, which is less than the 10 kg it would normally be with the other lenses and computer.

Woman: it’s still operational.
Woman: I see, it means having an affair.
Man1: who said that? Man2: the press club did.
Man1: the police say they think like this.
woman: who? Mam2: the rapists!
Woman: they can’t believe he meant that clean.
Woman: you are going to explain why you said this is whatt he wanted!
man: we fucking said sorry!
Several people: explain the theologian bit
Girl: he’ll just be desperate and then he’ll go insane

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