CQ09 Ride #10 the ride home

Picking up the trike
unpacking the trike

I headed out to Silverwater by train, first Marrickville to Lidcomb, then Lidcomb to Auburn, then the walk to Silverwater. It was farther than I remembered before I realised that the walk back was more up hill and the walk on the first day, being in the other direction, was more down hill.  At ABC couriers I got the same friendly service as last time. The man remembered me. The man, and another made reasons to be in the warehouse to watch me reassemble the trike into working order, watching from a discrete distance. Another CQ rider arriver to pick up his bike, but did not seem very friendly. I unpacked the trike and put it back into running order and left behind the cardboard and bubble wrap. I am now looking into getting a knitted cover. *Fingers Crossed* I had brunch at the place across the road. Strangely people were saying, and after all of this he did not know a thing. A woman said, all they say is that he did not know. Once again, a steak sandwich and chocolate milkshake.

I then road back through olympic park and the cooks river cycleway. In Olympic Park, I stopped for coffee and had a chat to the bike hire man. I also had to pose a few times to have my photo taken by tourists. Unfortunately the GPS finally had it’s random memory error problem and stopped recording any points. The only way to fix it is to do a master reset of the memory. Luckily this did not happen out on the ride as it needs a computer to save the data before the memory reset is performed. I dreaded that this would happen part way through the ride.

On the cooks river trail I met another recumbent rider, of the two wheeled variety and had a quick chat. It also started to lightly rain. The final part of the track was closed for track works, so I had to head up the evil Illawarra Road, and then along a very narrow bit of the L5 by the side of the railway track from Marrickville Station. So now I am officially back home. 🙂 I certainly felt I was riding faster. I did not unduly push my speed, rather just having a leasurly ride home, but still it tells a tale. The ride to Silverwater was done at an average speed of 9.39 kmh and the ride home at 15.79 kmh.

Distance: 26.53 km
Average: 15.79 kmh
Time: 1:40:49 hours
Max Speed: 38 kmh


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Man: you have the right to appeal!
Shouting Man: he is still
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