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Dhbc Saturday morning slowies

This morning on the Saturday Morning Slowies ride we were in for a bit of a surprise. I had not been following the DHBC forums, but it seems two riders who are in training for the half iron man race on the gold coast needed to do some training in their swimmers as they wanted to see what that would be like prior to the actual race. They did create quite a stir as they rode along the roads. The advice was that it was very comfortable.

On a personal note, I did  five laps for the first time. I need to go just a little faster to do six laps. I was tiring each lap after the second and loosing about 1 kmh each lap. I did a total of 37.63 km in 1:49:54 at an average speed of 20.55 kmh.

DHBC Saturday Morning Slowies

Man: he Found a loophole
Man: he had every opportunity to!
Man: all because the bastard write this
Woman: they said, that’s his role model
Various people speak of Harry potter.
People talking of the term final solution
Man: you fucking are, it took them years to destroy it
Man: they couldn’t calm them down.
Man1: they said he converted; Man2: to what; Man1: cough… Catholicism; Man2: really?
Man: they are going to explain the autism part

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  1. Stangely a man came to the DHBC coffee some months after this post was posted. A man with a south african accent came down and talked of how they “operate in China” by leaving USB sticks on the ground. A few days later there was a report in the media about PC securtiy being broken by infected USB sticks.

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