Second Dust Storm

A second dust storm
looking west

A second dust storm
towards the city

We had a second dust storm this morning. This time the dust is white.  It is also dustier. It was barely noticeable, apart from the visual impact, when out side last time. But even after only a few minutes outside today my eyes were gritty. I decided not to go on my normal Saturday Morning bike ride.

The Sydney weather forecast is as follows. I wonder how you see the smoke from a fire when the world is covered in dust.

Forecast for Saturday
Fine with lengthy sunny periods. Some raised dust in the morning. Fresh to strong westerly winds..

Precis: Windy. Raised dust in the morning.
Fire danger: Very High.


Trailing Edge
trailing edge

Trailing Edge

I headed down to the Marrickville Road Cafe. When I came out, the sky was blue to the south and west and white to the north and east. So I headed back home to grab the camera to get shots of the trailing edge of the storm.

Trailing Edge
balcony dust

Also there is a layer of dust on things, though it is not so bad here as the wind takes it away pretty much as fast as it arrives. The white object on the balcony mysteriously reappeared a few months ago. I have not bothered removing it this time.

A man says: oh no not roping!
M1: then who said they are like that; M2: the cops still won’t.
Man: we don’t think like that either! You bigots did!
Man: they said, oh he meant that Melbourne!
M1: so that’s what you thought engineer meant!; M2: yes we did!
Man: Jen won’t say
Man: they need to be scared to fall in love
Man: how were we to know the fucking prick would think this!
Man: you can’t, they know, the whole state knows!
Man: the arsehole thought he was like this
Many people talking about the god part. Apparently god said.
Man: they thought the prick tried that!
Woman: what’s it mean by European then? Man: we don’t know!
A man claims that they did what they did because if what they were told by the cops.
Woman: they should have said peng Yao not peng you!
Woman: they said they gave him too much.
Man: this is going to be so hard to explain
Woman: you have to say why you said he was a bigamist!
Various people speaking of a reward
People talk of something that happened 14 hours after someone’s death.

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