Well, I had never heard of .est before. I did not know where it is. And it was not where I was told it should be. But In the end, with patient assistance from Yacinta over the phone, I found it. .est is short for Establishment and it is a silver service restaurant. We had the winter feast, which was a discount meal, though becuase there were more than 6 of us, they charged an extra 10%. I think this is outrageous. .est is lift ride off the ground. I only took photos with my iPhone and so the picture quality is poor. Billy has some good photos on his review of Est.

I had the three course meal for $60. ($66 including the surcharge.)

The entrĂ©e was a pork terrine. This was my least favourite meal of the night. It was a little bit bland, and the terrine lacked texture. But it was acceptable. For a main I had the duck leg. This was much better and what I would expect for a meal of this type. I enjoyed the first few bites and the duck was cooked just right and fell apart. But by the end I thought it was a little lacking in flavour. The deserts were excellent. I had the Tangelo Sorbet with dates and apple. My only complain with this was that I could have eaten much more. I also had a try of Yacinta’s Passionfruit Sobet, which was off the a la cate menu. This was excellent.

".EST" by mirvettium

Level 1,
252 george Street
Sydney 2000 NSW


  1. Sorry about the wrong address, I looked it again and have no idea how I could get it wrong as I pasted it from one of their pages. Alls well that ends well I guess.
    .-= mir´s last blog ..Spice I Am =-.

  2. that’s ok. no harm done. I was just confused for a while. Though a man I asked had told me to walk in the correct direction.

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