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I think there people should be sent to see if they have any  brains at all. I mean, why stop people from using a mobile phone as a GPS, but not from using a GPS or a Map? I have seen many taxi drivers using maps, of the printed kind, sitting on the steering wheel, while driving. How can that be considered less dangerous. So here are some idots from Victoria and New Zealand.

Under the new law, that would be illegal, Transport Ministry spokesman John Summers confirmed. “The Road User Amendment Rule 2009 means drivers will not be able to look at a navigation aid on a mobile phone when driving, even if it is mounted on the dashboard.

“You can use a mobile phone held in a cradle while driving, but only to make, receive or terminate a phone call. You cannot use them in any other way, such as reading a GPS map, reading email or consulting an electronic diary.”

The restriction does not apply to navigation systems that do not have a mobile phone function, he says.Mr Hertz expressed surprise at a media report that claimed the other vehicle involved in the accident had been a write-off and that its driver had suffered back injuries requiring weeks off work.


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  1. Man: they said the more expensive ones are more likely to die
    Woman: they said, pretend you don’t!

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