Ride to Brighton Le Sands

MASS BUG Ride to Brighton Le Sands

Breakfast at the no name cafe on enmore road

Massbug run a regular ride for beginners down to Brighton Le Sands.  On the way I stopped for breakfast at one of the many cafes on Enmore Road. I am still trying the cafes one by one to have been to them all. I went along to help today, though the help was not required, it was an enjoyable ride. I learned the official council sanctioned route from Newtown down to the Marrickville Metro. I normally do not need to ride that way, so it was good to learn the route.

MASS BUG Ride to Brighton Le Sands

MASS BUG Ride to Brighton Le Sands

At Tempe we met Karyn and Garry amongst others and had a quick stop before continuing on our way to Brighton Le Sands. There had been much talk of King Tides. Apparently when there is a king tide, parts of this track are under water. Though there was no King Tide while we are riding. I need a way of knowing when they are so I can plan to go down there and take some pictures.

MASS BUG Ride to Brighton Le Sands
board walk

At Brighton Le Sands we stopped at one of those ridiculously expensive cafes with ordinary food. They get away with this becuase they have the prime location sewn up. A coffee in town costs $2.50 in Paddington it costs $3 and here it costs $3.50. I had a muffin. It is a nice place to sit though we had a very brief shower of rain.

MASS BUG Ride to Brighton Le Sands

MASS BUG Ride to Brighton Le Sands
feathered bike

We then headed back into town. A few continued on their way to Cronulla. At Tempe Karyn and Garry headed for Sydenham station, while the rest of us headed to the Addison Road Market. I have not been there in months, so it was good to be back. We had lunch while Paul met up with some friends and was taking photos for his 350 photo exhibition. The market had more stalls than I had seen before and a band.

Massbug Ride to Brighton Le Sands

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