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Bike Nunnery
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Today, on the way home from work I stopped off at the Nunnery Bicycle Workshop at 1 Phillip street in Waterloo. I had been there one several moths ago in the depths of winter to check it out. But this time I went with the intention of working on the trike. I though this would be better than doing it down stairs in the car park, and I was correct. There were lots of people, maybe 20 or 30. And best of all, the few extra tools I needed to do the work. This was a learning experience in itself and I now know a few key items I am missing. There was food by optional donation, from the hari krishnas. The meal was excellent.

The nunnery is run by volunteers to help those who need to be able to look after their bikes in a self help manner. I am sure the nuns who raised me for the first part of my life in Singapore would be mightily proud of this endeavour and it’s spirit. It is certainly popular. I do intend to donate some bits that I no longer need to their pool of parts. Though today I forgot them. I was a bit the odd man out. But as I get better at repairing bikes, I do intend to go down there and work as a volunteer.

Bike Nunnery

I replaced the badly frayed cable for the rear cassette. I do not know why it started to fray, but it was fraying at the gear lever end and the wires would occasionally dig into my hand. But I also found it was fraying at the cassette end too. I replaced this cable with a new one.

I also wound the steering in again. This time I pulled off the seat, mirrors and mud guards, but then found I had nothing to measure the wheels with anyway. So I just wound one side on one turn on the steering. I also moved the gear change leaver for the sram around so I can see the setting and it is near my had rather than facing away from it. Though this has turned out to be an issue as when I am under pressure I reach to the position where the change leaver used to be. I guess I will learn the new spot in time. I did not shorten the cable for the SRAM, though it desperately needs shortening.

Several people had a ride of the trike in the car park before I headed off.

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