Links for 2009-10-23

telecoms tower

I have not had many links for a while and today, lots of goodies.

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  1. 2009-October-19
    Man: why did you say he knew about this? M2: we said we are sorry!
    A man speaks of the rapists pretty
    Man: you’re fucked! You said that’s what he wanted!
    Man: we can’t believe he didn’t know this bit
    Woman: then explain the fingerprints bit
    Man: so that’s it, he didn’t know anything
    Woman: we can’t believe they thought this meant that!
    Man: then don’t pretend!
    Man1: who said that? M2: Naddsy Man1: they said he didn’t have a hide and it turned out he did Man1: they siad, if he’s like that then only give him one thing at a time!
    Woman: they know they grilled Jim
    Man: ah he knows about this part, the prick does

  2. 2009-October-20
    Man1: if you don’t fix this we are going to tell him that M2: please don’t.
    Man: it’s a fucking disaster Woman: shit they did!
    Man: because he walked down there they thought he was their contact
    Boy: they won’t admit! Girl: the cops won’t admit!
    Man: oh dear, they said “the Chinese part”
    Man1: who thought that M2: Belinda did
    Woman: oh, because of this, Peter left
    Man: oh dear, it was his best friends daughter
    Man: the cops thought messages

  3. 2009-October-21
    Woman: we’re the Russians you bastards!
    Woman: you siad he must be like this
    Woman: they have to explain why they said, they should not come in next week unless they refuse to talk to him.
    Man: the council won’t.
    Woman: oh no, not my daughter!
    Man: he’s like this! Woman: are you sure Man: we are certain
    Man: ooh a schnauzer!
    Man: oh no, they warned her!
    Woman: we are so upset! The arseholes think like that!
    Man1: they showed her this! M2: the pricks! Woman: we are so upset
    Man: oh fuck, you know we don’t!
    Man: yes they did, so fuck off then!
    Woman: we are so upset, she has three days to withdraw it
    Woman: they have to admit that they are the ones who are sexist. You prommised to fix this.
    Woman: they have to admit that they are the ones who are sexist. You prommised to fix this.

  4. 2009-October-22
    More people talking about things in the bathroom.
    Man: you are going to explain what the changes are
    Boy1: we won’t hit you B2: you know we won’t!
    Man: you are going to admit, that’s all he said!
    Man: fuck, he thinks they’re the boys?! M2: yes! Woman: god the Americans are!
    Man1: who said that? M2: the coppers did.
    Woman: the cops have to accept that we don’t!
    Woman: he doesent even know about the prostitutes

  5. 2009-October-23
    Man: oh they paid her, fuck they did!
    Several people speak of salvador Dali
    Man: who thinks like that? Woman: the coppers!
    People talking about pinpricks
    Man: that’s what we are here to protect you from
    Woman: but we love this!
    Man: something about a kangaroo
    Man: they thought, some of his contacts are children.
    Man: that’s why he didn’t know anyone, he didn’t know a thing

  6. 2009-October-24
    Man: yes, the Simon part
    Man: they said, you’ve fucked up and if you stay it’s only going to get worse
    Woman: we know she has got a ticket to go past somebody Man: who told you that?
    Many people: they really thoght he did, the cops fucked up!
    Man: that’s what he thought, out of my mind; Woman: he didn’t know any of this!
    One of the arseholes says: we are all allowed to make mistakes, but strangely that rule only applies to the arseholes!

  7. 2009-October-25
    Man: why did you have to do the levitate bit?
    Woman: no wonder he thought we were bastards…
    Man: it’s what we thought he wanted!
    Man: they are going to explain the satanist part.
    Man: then find the torture chamber
    A Man realizes what the Japanese worked out decades ago: he thinks like a girl, he really does
    Man: holy shit! He thinks like that! M2: he didn’t then W1: which means he didn’t fuck up W2: he thinks they did W1: he said, fuck off

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