Team Building

Team building
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Team building
the priate

Sia-Ping and Raymond had been down this week so we went on a Team Building session the in the afternoon. Probably it was 8 years too late, but that’s REACH for you, never one to spend money where money can be avoided being spent. Alas, some of the people are too unfit for anything which might actually involve exercise, so we were stuck doing a treasure hunt around the rocks. I am somewhat over the rocks and generally avoid it these days. There are much more interesting places in Sydney. We showed up at 2PM to meet our pirate leader. This must be quite a good business. He has very little input, and several groups on the run at once.

We got our instructions and were supposedly randomly split up into teams. We had a huge advantage over the other team in that I knew The Rocks backwards. The idea is you follow a clue to a place and then answer some questions within a time limit. There were extra bonus questions. We went quickly around the rocks and managed to complete all the sections and were about 10 minutes over time. One thing about the rocks, there are some short but steep hills. This was a bit trying for some in the fitness department. We also met up with another team and swapped answers. I was the leader. I think in my haste I was not very good at delegating tasks. In the end we beat the other team by a factor of about 2, scoring over 120 points.

I think the crowning glory was when Raymond convinced a man of Asian ancestry, but who is from Canada, to hop in the red phone booth outside the tourist information center with two of our team members to have his photo taken.

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