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Well I have been away and struggling to catch up with life after a hectic weekend and really, I need some more rest.


A Map of Human-Dwelling Microbes is a little story on microbes living on our bodies. Each of us contains roughly 10 times as many microbial cells as human ones…The back of your knee probably has more microbes than your mouth or your gut…

Waiter, Is There a Fungicide in My Soup? is a tale of the potential for a stick test to check your food on the spot. Better than a taster who’s job it is to check for poison!

In a sad indictment of the British drug administration they sacked their chief and then came up with this bizarre explanation: Drug chief sacking could stifle ‘polydrug’ research. Apparently though alcohol and tobacco cause more health issues in the society they are less of a worry than cannabis and something else I can’t remember what it was. If the medical profession are not independent of meddling by government and big business then they are failing the public in a big way. They have become untrustworthy.

I remember when I first moved to Adeliade that I drank some green cordial using water from a rainwater tank. It contained mosquito lave swimming in my glass. Now the authorities have deemed: …urban rainwater safe. But in the detail they say: don’t drink it normally: We would conclude that the potential for an adverse and/or accidental ingestion of small amounts of rainwater in the non-drinking uses of rainwater in the house can be encouraged, but we wouldn’t go so far as to say that health departments should change their recommendations with regards to rainwater for drinking when there is an alternative tap water supply.


The good old Captchas, which is a surprising and good idea, is starting to be able to be beaten by software. There guys are offering a new system to stay one step ahead of the game. Animated ink-blot images keep unwanted bots at bay.


This image caused a bit of debate, though on copyright. I am confused. If you do not own the copyright, where to the rights come from? I have always wondered.

Progressive and Moderate - The Motive Spirit
progressive and moderate


A man wrote on one of my sets: Be Blessed in Jesus Name. I guess he means well. But I am not a religious person. Though I do not deny him his right to be religious. I think he is being excessively presumptuous. I do not believe in Jesus, so his offering has no value. He doesn’t even offer any photos of his own. I am tempted to block him.


In a continuation of the sad saga, France Telecom launches $1.5b staff relief fund. Well it seems it is a bit restrictive. The three-year fund will help staff aged 57 or above go part-time if they are showing signs of stress. I wonder if all of the people who committed suicide were over 57? If not, why don’t they care about younger people?

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