Lunch with dad and the neices

Lunch In Doncaster Shopping Town
stephanie and dad

Lunch In Doncaster Shopping Town
alicia and chenaye

I had arranged to have lunch with dad on Sunday. Chenaye had headed down to Werribee to stay with friends for the night. We headed up to Riddles Creek to pick up Alicia and then down to Doncaster to have lunch. It was a long drive. We had dinner in a private room in a Chinese Restaurant in Doncaster Shopping Town. I think it is the first time I have ever been inside. I have been past very many times.

Lunch In Doncaster Shopping Town
vegetarian spring rolls

Lunch In Doncaster Shopping Town

The food was good, but not brilliant. I think sometimes they forgot we were in there. Also there was the constant battle as we tried to order different things from dad. He is so set in his ways nowadays and doesn’t listen sometimes. He and Stephanie don’t get the allergies bit, but after the first few things were made to stop order prawns.

Shiny balls
shiny balls

Refuling at sunset

After lunch, I wandered around the shopping centre with Jeremy, Elisse and the girls. It was a lovely afternoon and great to be able to just spend some time together. After that they took me back to the airport. I grabbed some horrible overpriced food and then flew back, again on Jet Star, to Sydney. Again I walked home from the airport. It took me over a week to recover the the exhaustion.

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