Impact of the trike

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at the boss' kebab shop

Well the trike continues to generate responses. People react in strange ways to the new and unusual.

  • A man in a car driving the other way shouted out of his window, “get off the road!“.
  • Some people seem to think I am carrying weights in my panniers, perhaps even sand. Well hate to disappoint, but I do not. I will take a pic of what is in my bags and post it at some stage.
  • A new nick name from people in Paddington is “the deadly treadly“.
  • A man driving an old Mercedes going in the opposite direction to me in Waterloo was stopped at the lights, as was I. When the lights turned green, he turned right so our paths crossed. He drove very slowly very close to the trike. His opinion was – yes he does.
  • The other riders at the DHBC have realised that there is a special road rule – give way to eccentric trikes. Usually it is larger vehicles, like vans and trucks, but there are a fair number of cars that obey this road rule. My mother thinks that it is like people giving way to pretty women. They do not do so becuase they are altruistic, but becuase they want to have a good gawk.
  • The children at to top of the hill on Wellington Street, in Waterloo, have decided that they all need a trike like mine and I have had several very short conversations with them as I ride past. I think I will have to stop one day and give rides.
  • People who are afraid of the new are still saying, “oh, I would be worried about being that low“. My standard response is now, “yes, but I cannot fall off. People break bones when they fall off“.
  • Lots of people ask how expensive they are. The cheapest ones you can get start at about $1,000.
  • When you read the bulletin boards on the web there is a group of people who really hate recumbent riders. They say that recumbent riders are not allowed on their rides. One man said to me, “we hate recumbent riders, but we forgive you“.

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  1. Add to that.
    Many people try to to work out what your disability is. I have had ‘its his arms’ ‘one leg is broken’ ‘i guess he can’t see properly’
    I often ride with roadies and have been known to draft at up to 40km/hr and it suprises them how fast trikes can go. Many other riders just like other proplr don’t like anything different.

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