Kate and Wing's Wedding Reception

SPB loves Kate and wing xx
by jamimages

Kate and wing went to the USA, to Las Vegas to get married in an Elvis style wedding. Now that they have returned they had a wedding reception in Mt Colah.

rail bus stop

I was a bit late in leaving as the day got away from me. My trip planner stated that I should change trains at Central, but I decided to go to Town Hall as the distance you have to walk is much late. But when I got there, I discovered that the north shore line was closed due to track work. After reading the sign, I hopped on a Kiama train back to Central, headed up to the country platforms and managed to get on a Wyong train 30 seconds before it left. I got off a Hornsby and caught the rail bus to Mt Colah.

The party was a low key event, with many of the old SBP Flickr crew there. Kate and Wing had met at the SPB Flickr group. There were also other friends and family and I had a chat with a few people I had met at the National Folk Festival. The food was good, though there were no sausages and there were crayons for all to use.

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