ordering styles

I have noted that different cultures have different approaches to how to order communal food:

[pmath]D = Number of Dishes[/pmath]
[pmath]N = Number of People[/pmath]
[pmath]P = Number of Plates[/pmath]
[pmath]D = 2 + (N MOD 3)[/pmath]
[pmath]P = N*D[/pmath]
[pmath]P = D = N-1[/pmath]
[pmath]P = D = N-(1*N/8)[/pmath]
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Man: you have no idea what so ever!
Man: we don’t think that the Japanese are like that!
Man: they said because of that he deserved it
A woman shouts, oh fuck, she wrote that!
Man: oh no, they know what we said! Woman: they said: howl him down!
Man: they said je did a few days ago and now charges are going to be laid
Man: then why did you say frigging he did?
Apparently the priest did
Girl: you bastards thought this!

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