Do Bells Work

I have been involved in a discussion on a forum about bicycle bells. Here is my post:

  1. deaf dogs never hear you and blind ones do not see you. Otherwise dogs behave much as people, though they are more likely to panic.
  2. people mostly get out of the way when they hear the bell. I to ring it well before I get to them. If I am going fast I ring the bell twice or thrice.
  3. Some jump out of their skins, but these are a minority.
  4. Some people stand perfectly still, withdraw their arms and hope like hell you don’t hit them
  5. I have an airhorn. I have never had to use it. I have it incase I meet a car so they can hear me. The only time I have wanted to use it I was too busy steering to do something silly like hit the horn.
  6. about half of the people are in tune enough to hear the noises of the bike and get out of the way without having to resort to the bell. But then I think I live in a place where people are much more used to bikes
  7. cats are suspicious, but will sometimes come closer to get a better look

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