seymourWell I have started looking at insurance. It seems that recumbent trikes are a lower theft risk, I guess because there are so few and they are so unusual. There seem to be three options:

  • Adding the bike to my home insurance. I need to check the terms, conditions and price on this one.
  • Changing my insurance to a bike friendly one like Cyclecover. This means I have to transfer my home contents. There was a comment on one forum that they are no so good for the photography equipment. My photography equipment is currently listed on my home contents.
  • Going with specialized bike insurance like Velosure. They are the only one I have found to date. It sounds quite reasonable as an insurance and the rate (less than $20 pcm) sounds good.

So it seems that I need to make some more enquiries. If I remember I will also check in the shop.

2009-04-26: Just checked my (Commonwealth Bank) home insurance police. Bikes are not on the list of things they will normally add to the insurance policy. So maybe I need to rule this out. I would have to change my home contents policy to another provider who does provide such cover.

I have also found that my credit card will extend, automatically, by one year the manufactures warranty on the trike. Although I cannot find anything on the manufacturers site as to how long that is. I remember reading it somewhere so I will have to keep on looking.

2009-05-16: I have orderd the insurance from Velosure. Just need to send them the paper work. I looked on the trike and could not find the serial number, so I have emailed Greenspeed so they can tell me where to look.

One comment

  1. Greenspeed did reply to my email. The serial number is actually visible while the trike is upright, but the contrast is so low that I actually had to look, with my glasses off, for about 5 minutes in the right spot to even be able to read it. This is because the number is stamped into the frame and then painted over.
    I called the Velosure company today. They advised that I had now sent all that was required, assigned a policy number and that they will shortly send out the paperwork.

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