Budgy Smugglers on the Slowies Ride

DHBC Saturday Slowies
budgy smugglers

My intention was to take a video of a lap of Centennial Park. But on arriving at Maccas bike shop, I found that  GI and co were in Budgy Smugglers. I mean, Gi had told me that they were going to do a budgy smuggler ride this weekend. But I was not paying enough attention to the bulletin boards and had not seen the thread on the topic. I was busy and had not obtained a pair of budgy smugglers. My plan quickly changed to being one of recording our intrepid riders. I was relegated to taking pics on the iPhone and doing some video on my new GoPro Hero HD camera. I didn’t even bring the SLR. *Sighs* but still it was a good ride, I learned much more about how to fit the camera to the trike some of which used leaves for padding.  Thanks to Gi for suggesting that. I think I have a solution to the chain and gear noise problem.

The music on the Video is by a band called Talco who are kind enough to give it out with a cc licence. I have been having some problems with the sound levels. The music is down as low as it will go without being silent. The vocals are as high as they will go. But to hear them you will need to manually adjust the play-back sound level.

Man: I would if I worked in the service industry

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  1. Comments on you tube thus far:
    actually it is not, because I cannot ride faster than 30 km/h. I am a bit of a looser when it comes to speed.
But many people do. It is part of the Australian way, the competitive spirit. Only the fast ones win accolades and to be fast you have to go faster than 30 km/h. Of course, they really should increase the speed limit.

yewenyi 1 second ago
    That’s a lot faster than 30kph!

AustralianVoice 20 hours ago
    Go Team Smuggler Slipsteam!!

m249paramachinegun 1 year ago

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