Cronulla Grand Prix

Cronulla Grand Prix
grand prix

I rode down to Cronulla to to to the Cronulla Grand Prix. On the way I visited the kite shop in Sans Souci to pick up the new GoPro HD Video Camera for my trike. They did not have all that I wanted, but I purchased it anyway, expecting to be able to get the helmet mount later. It was quite a bit further than I expected and I only got there at about midday. Still I caught the roller blade race and the last two races of the day, the women’s elite race and the Cronulla Grand Prix itself. I have to say I was impressed by how fast they ride. It is a bit like being on an America’s Cup Yacht. When they get going is when it become impressive. I met up with the president of the DHBC at the end of the day and ended up with the prime photo spot for the stage on account of the fact that I was hiding there to keep out of the sun. Compared to other sports, the whole thing was very relaxed and much more pleasant as a result. I was able to wander the race track, find good poises on the track itself and try out some different camera angles.  And the entry was free! I had only taken the wide angle lens as it takes up the least space, so I was not able to really get any close-ups.

I met a man standing under a tree who said he was a coach of the Australian National team. We chatted about the GT3 for a while. He was considering pushing the use of trikes like thing in para-olympic type sports, though it seemed the riders he had in mind would still have legs. He seemed to think that the bikes they currently ride on are dangerous. In the background a man was talking about not making it any more difficult than it already is.

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