Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen

I have to say I am very disappointed with the inability of the world leaders to reach an agreement. Clearly they are only interested in their own vested interests and not interested in getting an agreed outcome. It is another reason why the current world’s governance system is sadly broken. But, here are some thoughts on whye need global summits?

latrobe valley - making clouds

  1. because we need dome kind of common goal so governments are changing in a similar direction
  2. because governments need a cop-out for unpalatable changes – they can say don’t blame me, we have to do this to meet the goals. It’s their fault! These changes could be unpalatable because they make people or companies poorer or they change things and some people don’t like change.

What gets in the way of this?

  1. vested interests who have something to loose
  2. politicians who think they can the votes on the, they always complain and are not like us ticket.

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