Walking to the Pass

After dinner we went down to the beach and went for a walk to The Pass as the sun set.

Along the way were the various denizens of the beach. The swimmer has mostly left. But there were some fishermen. One had quite a sizable fish already caught, but the fish he hauled in while we were there was small and he threw it back.

Farther along was a metal detectorist and his son, combing the beach. We were to see more over the days. I guess they make some useful finds.

At the end is the gap. There is a short stair up to the top where you get a good view and a decent dose of vertigo. There was some light rain too. We though it may be a good spot to watch a tsunami from.

There was also a man paddling around on his kayak.

And of course, being sunset, the sun was going down over Mount Warning.

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