A morning in Mullumbimby

We headed inland to do a rain forest walk that turned out to be all of 300 meter long and consist of many plants about 1 foot high. I think that the walk has some growing to do before it becomes like real rain forest. I also turned down an offer to walk to the top of mount warning. It is a hard 4 hour climb, but worst of all I suffer vertigo and so wanted to avoid it. I went with George and Ann as the ute would be a bit crowded with 5 people, and I got to look at the inside of their diesel car. George carefully parked so I had to jump a puddle when getting out.

We then headed off into the walk. Because I had not paid enough attention to the settings on the camera, most of the photos were blurry.

The walk as much shorter than we expected and we walked out the other side and over the bridge. Which was a bit of old architecture in itself.

Over the bridge there was a man about to set up a garage sale. We walked on further. It was getting much more residential. A terrified woman advised us that we had already seen all there was soon. We headed back. There was a man on a motorise bike with a trailer who came past.

Back over the bridge we walked into the main street. There was a street side substation with a bus painted on it stating that this was Mullumbimby and a snake next to the danger, high voltage sign.

The other went into the food shop. Out side there was a table set up where you can sign one of quite a large number of petitions. Inside cath got some peanuts ground freshly. The machine took a bit of using and Ann seemed to be a bit of an expert. I had not seen one before. On the veranda, they had a small cafe.


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