Cape Heritage

I stayed with Cathy and Ingo at Cape Heritage at Skinners Shoot. When arranging to get there I was a bit confused. Googling the place came up with two addresses. 6 Skinners Shoot and 217 Skinners Shoot. When I got there it was clear. The place has both the addresses. How odd. It is a house that is let out as accommodation.

The place is run by a man who is an artist, and apparently a well known one. The are around was all for sale and the prices well above what I would be able to afford. I wonder if he makes much money from sales to the tenants of the place. He wanders the coast line of Australia and collects flotsam and jetsam and makes it into his works of art.

And to show that Australia is starting to catch up with some places around the world, there was actually internet available.

As a place to stay is was quite ok, but nothing really special. There were lots of little places to be, like a Japanese Garden, that were pleasant. The nicest was the conservatory. Though as Ann pointed out, you really don’t need a conservatory in a tropical climate, it was a good place to sit when it was raining.

6 Skinners Shoot, Byron Bay and 217 Skinners Shoot, Byron Bay

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