Walking to Cape Byron

Last time I was in Byron Bay I decided to go up to the lighthouse for the first time in my life. However, when I got there, the winds were gale force and I did not date venture past the lighthouse to Cape Byron itself. This time I intended to rectify this situation. George and Ann dropped me off at the middle car park and I headed up to the Lighthouse. No wind today.

At the lighthouse keeper’s buildings I wandered through the tourist information section, but the shop was closed for lunch. I went down the to toilets thinking that I could change into my bathers there, but this was a bad idea as they are in a poor state, are small and not designed for such use. So I went up to the lighthouse itself.

After the lighthouse is a path. This is where I had to stop the time before. But now I continued along the path to the lookout at the end. The path has steep sides, though I had my vertigo under control. There were some spots where I just had to put my head down and concentrate on getting to the other end.

At the lookout there were many tourists. It is still quite high and you can look down to see the point itself, at sea level. I tried walking down the path, but from here the path became steep and there was no handrail or vegetation. I decided not to walk down there because it was terrifying. I thought that there would be a sea level path, but I did not want to chance that I would have to also walk back up the hill. So I decided to head back and try the sea path from the start.

I headed back past the lighthouse. By now the shop had opened so I purchased a drink before heading down the road. I did not follow the foot trail because it bypassed the road down into the expensive part of Byron Bay that I wanted to take.

Down here I found a place to change into my bathers, and I walked towards the Cape and then out to the Cape itself.

On the way back I wandered along the beach back to the lookout we had visited the night before. I went into the sea a few times to have a quick dip to cool down as the day was hot. But still the sea itself was too cold to stay in there for very long. I walked back into Byron Bay. I found Ingo and Cathy’s car but they were not at the beach, nor were they answering their mobile. It turned out they were shopping. So I started to walk back to Cape Heritage. I passed the disused railway with it’s painted box. Though it is not clear what the box is for.

Continuing out of town, I passes the roundabout.

All along here is the bike track. I did not have time to hire a bike and the weather was not really conducive. But I think that the infrastructure for the bike paths looked very good.

Next I came to the old water tower for the railway line. At this time Ingo and Cathy drove past so I accepted the offer for a lift back to where we were staying.

Byron Bay Walk 2010

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