A stop on the way back

Cath and Ingo gave me a lift back to Sydney. We stopped at a cafe where an old ferry used to operate. It has now been replaced by a bridge. I think it was at the Clarence river, but I am not sure. We had nachos. One of the best Nachos I have ever had.

On the river bank were 18 eastern water dragons. They increased in number as we watched. They must be sustained by the food supply from the cafe and the kids had a great time feeding them.

Out side there was the remains of the old ferry and some boats.

The weather was bad for most of the trip, but let up as we got closer to Sydney. But still the journey was good. I had them listening to my odd collection of music and it turned out that Ingo like, EAV and Schwine Funk in particular. I was only sad that there was no techno for Trent.

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