canberra bus terminal

Well, I occasionally have a crash on the bike. Usually, I push it harder and harder and don’t work out where the edge is until I have passed it. Today I did it again. I have been being quite carful with the down hill round the bend bits as I know I have a weakness there. But I have been pushing it when on narrow roads and in traffic, as I can keep up with the cars in spots where the cars have no room to get past. Well today I ran into a car. I have been riding really fast down wellington road in Waterloo, mostly because I can. But it was at the top of the hill. There is a speed hump, so the road narrows. I push through here as there is a stationary start from the lights and the hill has not really started. Some cars turn left immediatly after the speed hump. Today I just didn’t stop in time. So I obviously need to get better used to the brakes on this bike. I had a similar incident once when returning to Kallista from the Olinda in the Dandenongs. Too much momentum. The breaks are not so good. So I hit the back of a small hatch back. Rolled over and hit the ground. Luckily the car behind stopped. I bounced up got the bike off the road. My panneir came off in the accident. There was a small scratch that the driver was not too worried about. He was an older european man and I presume it was his wife with him. Once he realised is was not the ute that had hit him, he was quite concerned for my welfare. He had done nothing wrong. Mostly what I hurt was my pride. I was going very slowly and I landed on my hand on which I was wearing fingerless gloves. I landed on my palm and it is a little sore. I check my fingers and decided I had no broken bones. I have two small grazes just above my elbow. But I did not put a hole in my shirt. I have a little sore on my head. One of the pads is missing and the velcro is exposed and left an sore impression on my head, but seemingly no bruise. The chain came off the chain wheel, but there is a slight wobble in the front wheel. That is what hit first. I will have to go down later and retension the spokes to make it round again. I still rode over 6 km to get home.


  1. mmm, well it seems I will need to purchase a spoke tensioning tool. It’s too fiddly to do it with a spanner. I should get one on Saturday when I pick up the GT3.

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