Are cars safer in Sydney?

I have been incessantly told how dangerous it is to ride a bike in Sydney, but then, while here in Kuala Lumpur, I see the front page of the New Straits Times that a Malaysian man was murdered while driving in Sydney. I’d think that it is also very dangerous to be in a car in Sydney too. Maybe they will have to insist on better protection for drivers from random murderers like they are putting up fences to protect against the stone throwers.

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  1. Yes this was a terrible thing to happen. But I do ride regularly in Sydney and have no real problems. Drivers are still getting used to having a lot more bikes on roads recently. I usually say thanks when they slow down for me. I think Sydney is no worst than most western cities. (my brother in law is from Singapore and he agrees). I feel that here is a bit of nasty racism like everywhere else. This Malaysian mans death has angered and shocked many of us here in Australia.

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