The third visit to the nunnery

This was my third visit to the Nunnery Bicycle Workshop in Waterloo. I had two new Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres to put on. Really I needed three, but when I had purchased them the rear tyre looked like it still had some life in it, so I will have to buy another tyre and put it on later. I have been very happy with the schwable tyres. Not a single puncture, even though I have ridded through fields of freshly broken glass. though when I rode home the vibration through the streetring and noise from tyres with tread was quite unexpected.

I have to say I am still very impressd by the people at the Nunnery. They do have some issues. Being a group that does not charge for anything, they are running out of things. Consumables like puncture repair kits and degreaser and tools like chain breaking tooks are breaking. So if you can help do make a donation of parts, tools or consumables.

There were many people there up to 30 passed through while I was there. It is incredibally popular. The Krishna’s were also there offering free food (and taking donations if you want to give them one). The food is excellent.

On the repair side, I have now replaced the second gear cable for the rear cluster. The cables are failing at about a rate of one every 3,000 km. Becuase of the tortuous route I follow I do a massive number of gear changes going to and from work. Also I was a bit unhappy. My first cable cost $7.50 from wolly’s wheels and this one cost $10 from the bike repiar shop at marrickville metro.

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