In my post code there is only one big emitter, though I’d guess all the aeroplane exhaust will contain lots. It is the XPT maintenance depot!

Facility Name
Substance Air (kg)[2] Land (kg)[2] Water (kg)[2]
Railcorp XPT Maintenance Centre [Sydenham-NSW]
Total Volatile Organic Compounds Link to  http://www.npi.gov.au/substances/volatile-organic-compounds/index.html 790
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (B[a]Peq) Link to  http://www.npi.gov.au/substances/polycyclic-aromatic/index.html 2.1
Xylenes (individual or mixed isomers) Link to  http://www.npi.gov.au/substances/xylenes/index.html 6.7
Cumene (1-methylethylbenzene) Link to  http://www.npi.gov.au/substances/cumene/index.html 0.91

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