Well, the last week I received lots of little things. This week I received the last of this batch, though it was ordered as the same time as the others and left 1 day later. It was my Magicshine CT-808 bicycle light worth a massive 900 lumens. It has the new mounting style I am now getting used to with a rubber band, though in this case it is an industrial strength one. The battery mount is a bit fiddly on the trike. I will have to see how that goes. Also the beam is so wide I had to move the mirror posts to stop blocking it. But I now think I will put it on upside down – that is under rather than over the little pretend handlebar. I have installed it on the bike, but it is raining outside so I did not take any photos. All I have is a bunch of photos of it in the packaging.

A video by a guy in SA about the Magicshine light.

After some hunting I found the company: Shenzhen Minjun Electronic Factory @ 3/F, Building D, Huale Industrial Zone, 28 Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.


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