MSG at the Mado Cafe

Well the Midweek Supper Group did a bonus, supplementary and weekend eating thing and went to the Mado Cafe in Auburn. It was excellent food in a nice place, and for the first time since moving to Sydney over a decade ago I felt I was eating good Middle Eastern food. I used to live in Brunswick, which was also known as Little Turkey.

After looking at the transport options and being forewarned of track work after Strathfield, I decided to walk to Stanmore Station.

Becuase of the track work and the fiendish traffic on western Sydney’s roads on a Saturday evening, we were quite late starting. It took me over 45 minutes to get from Strathfield to Auburn on the bus. Luckily Yacinta gave me a lift back to Strathfield on the way home. We started with a full plate of dips. And I was impressed. Not the best dips ever,  but certainly good ones. Though I did think the beetroot dip was right up there with the best.

Then we had a bunch of main courses. We had one each, and an extra, though really we were getting into the realms of too much food. Still I manages a taste of everything. One day I will remember to take a photo of the menu or write down the dish names so I can tell you what they are. There were a few dishes the photos did not work out so they are not shown here. The first one is what I had.

For desert we had various things. I did not realise that the traditional Turkish ice-cream was not in the ones listed, so I had a more normal ice-cream. But Yacinta ordered the correct one so we all had a taste of that. It was a interesting and I should go back and try a full dish.

Mado Cafe
63 Auburn Road, Auburn, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9643 5299

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