Broken Swinggrip

I was riding around centennial park this morning and the swing grip bar I use broke due to metal fatigue. It was a bit of a shock at the time. Luckily I had hooked up the new light last night. This meant that the power cable from the light caught the unit, otherwise it would have fallen to the ground. I had to stop. I removed all the bits and put it into the rack bag and continued on my way. I sorely missed the mirrors while riding.

We rode back to Marrickville and I took a picture of Gi on his fancy new carbon bike. It really looks very good. Though I worry about the lack of clearance between things.

After this I rode up to Parramatta Road. I normally go to cell bikes, but I ended up at Stanmore Bikes. I had always though that they were the same place. Stanmore bikes is an old style bike shop and I instantly liked the man who works there. I got a replacement part for the broken one, a new little flashy white light for the front to replace the one the broke last week and a new rack with a few cm more clearance to replace the greenspeed one. The latter will require a special mounting bracket to make it fit on the trike.

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  1. Well, the replacement one broke. I think that I have added too much weight to the unit with my new mirrors and lights. So I have now ordered an adjustable stem to see if I can use that in it’s place.

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