Catching the train to work

Robber Rail Barons of NSW State Rail

In the continuing, how should I get to work, I caught the train. This involves a lot of walking as the nearest train station is quite a long way from my work. I choose to use Kings Cross station, even though many of my work colleagues have an unnatural fear of this suburb and go much further out of their way to avoid it. Kings Cross is good it is the closest and it counts as a city station. Still at $6.40 for a return is is more expensive than using the 355 bus. A 7 day rail pass would cost me $37 which is more expensive ($7.20) if I only used it to travel to work. The rail trip is faster than the bus, 1 hour as opposed to 1 hour and 20 minutes and slower than the trike, which is 45 minutes. It is also more expensive than the bus. So I think I will stick to the very slow 355 bus for now. If I am in a hurry then the fastest option is to catch the train to the central and then the bus to Paddington. According to this would take 45 minutes. Actually I managed to force 131500 to only use the bus. It came up with the 352 Bus, which I already knew about. Maybe this would be good. Less walking at one end, but more at the other.  I’ll have to try that another day.

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