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  1. Just1Thing (7 hours ago | reply | delete)

    Was there a head attached to this????
  2. yewenyi (7 hours ago | edit | delete)

    no, both the head and device were nowhere to be seen! It must be the result of some dastardly act!

  3. iansand (6 hours ago | reply | delete)

    I have often wanted to cut the cable of the headphones where there is sound leakage on public transport. Maybe someone was braver than me and actually did it.

  4. yewenyi (6 hours ago | edit | delete)

    As a person who uses an iPod, I think you are evil for making such a statement. Let me know when your car makes no noise! :-p

  5. Trent “Raichase” Nicholson (3 hours ago | reply | delete)

    Those iPod headphones are worse than useless! I used to keep them as a spare set incase my normal set failed. After using a set of “proper” ($20) headphones for a while, you put these in and it sounds like there is a cardboard box over them!

  6. yewenyi (58 minutes ago | edit | delete)

    Actually I use a pair all the time, and the only problem I have with them is that they do not work very well in loud environments. But I have not been bothered to pull out my noise cancelling ones I used to use on the train. Still, I only listen to vice podcasts so hi fidelity is about the last thing I need.

  7. Happy days 09 (53 minutes ago | reply | delete)

    Always love your shots out of left field. I have a friend who picks all these kinds of things up along with striking bird feathers or stones and makes use of them in her recycled artefacts

  8. yewenyi (8 seconds ago | edit | delete)

    thanks for the comment. They do seem to generate passions, though maybe too much hatred, in those watching. It is after all only a broken headphone. But some can’t resist the evil sniping and chest thumping.

  1. flungabunga (10 hours ago | reply | delete)

    looks like a sperm

  2. yewenyi (a moment ago | edit | delete)

    LOL, I did not see that, but yes it does! Though to me it just looks like a broken ear piece and I wonder how it happened and how it’s owner felt…

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