The week ending 2010-07-03

I tried a links blog before, but generally it was too much work. But I have been busy this week, so I will give it another go. At best it will be an intermittent thing.

BV are running another ride to work day on 13 October 2010. Of course yours truly rides to work every day, bar most Thursdays. But still, maybe we can expect free food and goodies like last year.

Join the commuter revolution and register for Ride to Work Day 2010. Show your support for riding to work and register for Ride to Work Day, 13 October 2010. Your free registration helps improve bike facilities across Australia.

Registering is free and will only take 2 minutes, less time than it takes to brush your teeth! To register and for more information on how you can celebrate the day at one of the many community breakfasts across Australia visit

Mark Pesce launched his Plexus web thingy – well according to Mark it is a Development and Discussion of the Plexus Social Networking Stack. I had the following to say:

Hi, While I have thought that you are being a bit overly paranoid in your rational, I think that the goals and aims of this project are superb. So as someone who would count myself as a user I have a few points to make which I hope, if addressed, would make this a very much better system.

You mention that there are many sources of information, and I for one find these multiple sources all a bit anoying. So tying them together is good. But I also have multiple access methods, be they an iPhone, a home computer, a work computer, maybe a friends computer or one in an internet cafe somewhere.

I would like a system that works across all of these environments and looks to me like the same thing. I get this at the moment say with twitter apps and web sites for a single application.

Stilgherrian did a post on the ABC called The political naivety of the digital elites. I gave this reply to show that while saying that something should be banned becuase it is illegal isn’t necessarily a good idea when viewed in a wider context.

people will always fight over what and who can see things. I suspect that a nation level filter should let as much through as possible. If there are so many people who want to restrict, say what their children can see, then surely there is a market for a service provide that does just this. The problem is and always will be what to include. For example, some people think that belly buttons and nipples are taboo.

The internet should be seen like a road system. You need some rules to make the thing work. But the rules need to be generic so that the thing continues to work.
Also a lot of what is being argued about is not a function of the internet at all. It is about our laws. People who think that something that is not legal should not be allowed on the internet. But this includes all sorts of things.
For example: gay marriage is illegal. Does this mean that photos of gays getting married should be banned from the internet? Surely such imagery would only encourage them and, worse show them how to get married? I am sure that there are some would argue that this should be the case.
Lines in the sand are always difficult things. People have murdered, maimed and gone to war over them.

Greg Miskelly a Producer/ Reporter for STATELINE NSW is looking at the Bourke Street cycleway and looking for “whether any of your users have experienced any difficulties – or not.” Here was my list of problems:

I mostly ride across the cycle way as I do my daily commute from Marrickville to Paddington. I do occasionally use the Bourke Street Cycleway and the last time I did so was last weekend. I do have some comments.

  1. Clearly it is not completed. This is a problem as you are continually using little sections of cycleway. It will be a great improvement when it is completed.
  2. It is a bit narrow. I think the council has left too much space for other things. For example, in some places the footpath is wider than the cycleway. Personally I think cycleways should be wide enough for 4 rather than two bikes which leaves room for overtaking of cyclists going in the same direction of travel. As you may be aware cyclists do tend to travel with a wide range of speed differences.
  3. I do tend to stop at business along cycle routes more than ones that are not on cycle routes. Mainly to visit cafes. So I think that the cycleway is a benefit to businesses along the route. I understand that this may be a problem to businesses not on the route. Especially as Redfern has some quite steep hills (even though they are not very high).
  4. My main grumble is actually the surrounding infrastructure.
    1. There needs to be better signage leading to and from the cycelway. I am not from Sydney originally and I can find it a bit difficulty navigating my way through the back streets following the various cycleways and routes to reach the Bourke Street Cycleway.
    2. One cycleway is only a piece of a much larger puzzle and it is important that all of the surrounding cycleways are completed.

Oh and I have taken up my duties as Secretary of the Body Corporate at 295 Victoria Road and will soon be doing so as the secretary of Massbug.

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