cosmopolitan or multicultural

One thing I always liked about Melbourne was how multicultural it was and how far it had come in this regard to when I first arrived there in about 1969. So it was a bit of a culture shock to step back in time by arriving in Sydney. Here are a few things that have been said to me while I have been here.

  1. An old and wise jewish man from the north shore once said Sydney is not Multicultural, it is cosmopolitan.
  2. Another man in the Eastern Suburbs said that multiculturalism was dead.
Other people in recent times have tried to tell me that Sydney is multicultural because it has many cultures. I think that they do not understand. Sydney is many cultural, but not multicultural. That it is has many cultures but there is massive segregation between them. They are separate. I think that to be multicultural the cultures need to go into a mixing melting pot to produce something that is both a composite of the ingredients and something more. It is the next stage beyond many cultures.

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