A day at Cockatoo Island

Well, I was in Malaysia, then I was sick with a cold for ages. So I had not got to the Biennial until the last weekend. Kirsten came down with the kids. We started off going to the Marrickville Road Cafe. Then on the bus to Circular Quay. We had a bit of time to kill before the ferry came, but when we got there, in time for the second ferry, we found this massive queue. We did not quite make it onto that ferry and had to catch the next one. The kids were great about the whole thing. The ferry trip was a great adventure. We even had our own rap artists providing entertainment on the back of the boat. We wandered around the island. It all started becoming too much for the kids who were wobbling form extreme excitement to massive tears. We were unable to go jumping in the jumping castle as it was a static display, much to the disappointment of the little ones. Thought the full scale model of the Hubble telescope provided some fun. We stopped for lunch and then headed back on the ferry. I was upstairs playing rock paper scissors with the kids. Kirsten got off a stop to soon and we were lucky that the kids noticed. So quickly getting off the ferry we had to walk around the point back to circular quay. The buskers were there by the time we returned so that provided some entertainment. At the train the man said that the family ticket we had been sold on the bus was not enough and that we had to buy lots more tickets to get in. And after that, we ended up catching the bus anyway before Kirsten headed back to the mountains only about three hours late.

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